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MY PASSION is to be the anchor for YOUR PASSION TO FLY.
“Once we can feel & define where the edges of our individual beingness begins & ends & that of others begins & ends, then we can all truly be one.” – C. Fidelman

If you identify as Codependent OR suspect that you may have some codependent habits or behaviors that are limiting your ability to reach your fullest potential both personally and/or professionally:


“Codependence is one of the greatest distortions of the human psyche. It is a dissociation of self & an illusion as to what true connection & desire really is. “ – C. Fidelman

Conscious Codependence™ Recovery

The process of recognizing our automatic habits of blaming our feelings on others AND focusing more on another person’s reality than our own.

The Northstar of this process is the return to your TRUE NATURE – to having full access to yourself as a unique portal to the infinite w/ the blend of dependence, independence & intimacy that works best for you.

It blends a mix of somatic experiencing, cognitive behavioral therapy and intersubjective meditation.

And it reestablishes self-worth for over achievers by cultivating a deep sense of safety and belonging within their psyche, spirit and nervous system.

Welcome to this portal of trauma and identity healing that I’ve created called Conscious Codependence™ Recovery.

The 3 Tenets of Conscious Codependence™ provide the catalyst for change in any moment that you are looking to another person(s) for permission to be heard, to secure your sense of self, safety, identity and (most importantly) your inner peace.

The 3 Tenets are the foundational distinctions of my work and allow for expedited & conscious recovery.

They are the keys to your sovereignty.

We are not the misfits or the outcasts or the defective ones that can’t figure out relationships like most other people – but our codependence tells us that we are.

Our Codependence doesn’t make us different. The more we address it, the more obvious it becomes that we are the majority and I’m out to normalize it.

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When I was 4 years old, Codependence came into my life.

At first, I didn’t recognize it.

But I remember as it slowly came in and I slowly left. And over the next 25 years, it grew inside me until it was me. It steered my beliefs, choices, decisions, relationships, identity and self-image.

Codependence became me and I became Codependence – we were one.


I experienced glimpses of me through the years as I fought for those moments of air beyond the subtly suffocating and dominating chokehold of Codependence.

I dated 9 alcoholics in a row and all of my female friends were alcoholics. I got fired from 6 jobs in a row, I had major social anxiety, I felt ugly & inferior, I was saturated with shame, I wanted everyone to like me and I didn’t feel safe anywhere.

What it came down to was that I was unconsciously recreating my relationship with my mother, my brother and my father everywhere. I was almost always in my TRAUMATIC IDENTITY – the identity my nervous system developed in order to survive my childhood holding environment.

At this point, it’s been 32 years of therapy, a degree in Behavioral Science, 10 years of 12 step programs, 30 plant medicine journeys, several year-long training programs and over $100k in business & leadership coaching to diffuse my Codependence & return to MY TRUE NATURE – the way in which I was innately designed to express, love, connect & create.

It is now my greatest passion to support others in living from the point of view of their TRUE NATURE.


Cheryl is a leader & thought provoker in the Human Potential Movement and believes that Codependence is one of the most obvious ways that we demonstrate our unhealed trauma in our relationships.

She is dedicated to normalizing Codependence Recovery and finding its place in the zeitgeist as one of the main keys to human evolution.

As a coach, educator, facilitator & speaker for the past 15 years, she has supported those that identify as Codependent in establishing a healthy relationship with themselves so that they can build healthy, meaningful relationships with others.

She has meticulously developed group programs, private programs for individuals & couples and The LISTENing Workshop for Businesses & Organizations. Her pioneering Conscious Codependence™ work is changing the landscape of how relationship issues are understood and overcome.