From Around The Globe

“I experience each & every one of my clients as the direct access to infinite love & human potential.” – C. Fidelman

"I was the stone & Cheryl was the water..."

– Kellita

"Cheryl is going to love all of who you are & help be a way to show you how you can authentically & genuinely love yourself"

– Nikol

"I have freed my mind..."

– Maryline

"I am glad to say I am no longer enslaved to my codependency..."

– Ruth Falk

"Cheryl's impact in my life is unparalleled the depth and the layers that I had to process through over the last 10 months..."

– Cristine Price

"To be honest I've never never thought I would get to this point..."

– Chris Carr

"I've been working with Cheryl for seven years now..."

– Tara

"I was in a personal crisis..."

– Sakino

"I was burnt out and feeling so in need of a change career-wise..."


"I'm actually living more now..."

– Ann Lynch

"I'm in a different place now..."

– Karen

"I have just completed the 10-month Trauma to Truth master class with Cheryl..."

– Jeanette